You may well ask, “What has Jack Parow got to do with new growth theory?” I say lots.

A few years ago, Zander Tyler (aka Jack Parow) used to work for me as a graphic/web designer. At that stage he was juggling his life between work, gigs and whatever else okes from behind the boerewors curtain get up to. From our first meeting I sensed that there was something different about the dude. He wore an old school blazer at his interview and a tie that looked like something he’d picked up at a Salvation Army 2nd hand store. Then, what really intrigued me was his industrial-sized gas lighter, that was akin to a mini flame-thrower. In most cases you would use words like “contrived” or “pretentious”, but in JP’s case he is the real deal – 100% genuine Parow beef, with loads of talent. There’s not a box on this planet that could contain him, so it was just a matter of time before he would rap and vloek his way to the top!

A year ago, after spending some time abroad, I returned to Cape Town to discover that Parowmania had hit the streets and from what I could see (and hear) our mustachioed slimvuilbek had well and truly turned the corner. While Voortrekker Rd is not quite Hollywood Boulevard, Jack is riding high and he deserves all the bucks, babes, booze and braai sauce that comes his way. Now, onto new growth theory.

According to new growth theory, creativity is the key driver for economic development and the more it is encouraged, the better our chances become to innovate and unlock new opportunities. Creativity tends to abundance and Jack Parow’s rise to fame is living proof that you can literally grow something from nothing. Don’t get me wrong, Zander is a bright and talented lad, but in essence it is his irrepressible creative spirit that drives him and brings home the bacon, not only for himself, but for all those who share in his success. A few years ago Afrikaans rap was inconceivable ( the closest I ever got to it was been sworn at in the army by a korporaal, back in the days of military service), but now thanks to Parow and outfits like Die Antwoord, a whole new music genre has been born. Do I like it? Not really. Can I dance to it? No. But, when I went to upgrade my cellphone at Vodacom, the saleslady was wearing a rubber wristband that said “Cooler as ekke” and I thought that’s Parownomics for you. Well done boet, Jack Parow rocks!