“The debt we owe to the play of imagination is incalculable.” – Carl Jung

Courage and imagination are the two key ingredients required for strong leadership, but sadly these important attributes seem to be missing in action for most of the folk deemed to be minding  the shop. The world in in a parlous state and given the myriad of issues that confront us, now is the time to take bold steps to put right what is wrong!

This may come across as an idealistic dream, but come on folks, do you honestly think  our esteemed business and political leaders are doing a good job?

Firstly, and in most cases throughout the world, big business has formed cosy alliances with the politicos and together they plunder and waste  our resources, dumb us down and manipulate our economies to enrich themselves, at our and our children’s expense –  the current banking bailout scenario is a good example of how we have been severely compromised. Were we, the people, ever consulted? No! The Occupy Movement is a living manifestation that all is not well in the land of business, politics and civil society.

Secondly, whatever happened to honesty, integrity, justice and moral fortitude? When last did you look at a politician or business leader and say: “Now that’s someone I trust, respect and would like to tell my friends about?” Can’t think of many. Can you?

Nobel laureate Dr Kary Mullis,  in his book “Dancing Naked in the Mind Field”  says that politics has very little to do with democracy. It is simply about supporting, promoting and looking after the needs of special interest groups. Sound familiar? It would appear that  ex British PM, Tony Blair, is well aware of this and he has managed to feather his nest quite comfortably against the background of a flagging UK Economy  and unhappy public – Youth unemployment in the UK (and in other parts of Europe as well) is spiraling out of control. Gone are the days when politicians were modestly paid civil servants, who delivered on their promises – politics and big business have merged to become an impregnable force that continues to corrupt and devalue our lives!

As I type this Carpe Diem  is ringing loudly in my head. We desperately need leaders to find the courage and imagination to reinvent the world and to embark on an aggressive programme of  Economic, Environmental and Energy reform, to achieve sustainability, not only for the select few, but for all!

What can we do?

“Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together.” – Eugene Ionesco

I recently started interacting with Paul Natorp, who is playing an invaluable role in driving creative leadership and social innovation in Aarhus, Denmark.



Paul is currently working on a project in Aarhus which seeks to bring all the role-players and stakeholders in the city together, to create a force field for community driven innovation and the development of solutions that promote human quality of life. Ambitious? Yes. Do-able? Yes. Replicable? Yes. If he gets it right, so can we. Watch this space …